Our staff are trained to identify hazards and promote public safety as well as uphold strict cleaning and disinfecting practices for public areas. They regularly patrol centres and respond quickly to dangers such as promptly cleaning spills to prevent slips or inspecting floors for other fall or trip hazards.

Iconic Property Service proudly invests in the latest cleaning technologies for faster and efficient cleaning services including automated cleaning systems that are capable of sanitising and disinfecting public spaces. These include powerful robotic floor scrubbers that are specially programmed to suit the floor plan of individual retail outlets and offer a high quality deep floor clean that removes contaminants quickly and effectively.

We also encourage environmental consciousness by using eco-friendly cleaning products and we help our clients adopt green practices too. We can assist to identify ways to minimise waste from consumables and how to switch to more sustainable and recyclable products. Making the switch not only reduces your environmental footprint, it also contributes to a better shopping experience for customers. Overall it helps improve your bottom line and the savings can be reinvested in your centre.

We can help with the clean-up, restoration and repair of your property so you can get back to business.

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